Heidi Samuel for Columbus Neighborhoods
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Letter to safety officials

Endorsed by the Columbus Dispatch

Thank you Columbus residents for your vote and all of your support. Together, we have made a difference.

Heidi Samuel is...

  • A community leader and activist with a record of results
  • An authority on strengthening and empowering neighborhoods
  • A wife and mother of two young children

Heidi Samuel has a record of...

  • Closing illegally-operating establishments and safe havens for crime.
  • Improving the eastside storm water system through effective organization of city officials and Columbus residents.
  • Promoting economic development and revitalization with clear vision and effective leadership.


Heidi Samuel's plan is to...

Paid for by Heidi Samuel for Columbus Neighborhoods, W.L. Curlis, Treasurer,
865 Macon Alley, Columbus, Ohio 43206