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Council’s Neighborhood Working Group is “Better Late Than Never.”

Columbus, Ohio – Council candidate Heidi Samuel stated today she is pleased her campaign platform to improve neighborhood/city interaction is being explored by city council members.

Samuel, a civic association leader, hopes the announcement of this group is a genuine effort to make up for overdue attention to the importance of neighborhoods.  “It’s time to elevate the importance of our neighborhoods as a measure of our city’s overall health and a foundation for its future.”

Samuel cautions civic association leaders and neighborhood groups against an election year ploy, encouraging them to hold council members accountable to an action agenda and timelines.  “Because it’s an election year, there is a surge of interest and efforts by current council members to pacify neighborhoods.  What is important is ensuring this interest and commitment continues after November,” Samuel said, referring to this announcement as “better late than never.”

Samuel looks to bring balance and better neighborhood representation to city council.  Past president and current economic development chair of the Eastmoor Civic Association & Blockwatch, Samuel, a mother of two young children, has been an effective grassroots advocate for neighborhoods and urban revitalization.  Council, she says, employs the “squeaky wheel” approach to answering neighborhoods, allowing conditions to often becoming intolerable before they are addressed.

“There’s a difference between saying you support neighborhoods and actually rolling up your sleeves to work side-by-side with civic associations.  Those at the grassroots level understand the difference.”  Samuel hopes to resolve cumbersome obstacles for neighborhoods by creating better avenues at the city level for communities to have their goals and needs met.

Samuel believes Columbus needs a true neighborhood advocate on council.  “Community groups have never been more frustrated by the lack of access, lack of response, and lack of long-term commitment to their concerns and needs by city council,” Samuel says.  “There have been a lot of nods and smiles, a lot of reports created that now sit on dusty shelves, but very little comprehensive action focused on long-term issues and effective partnership that make and keep neighborhoods healthy.”

Samuel’s run for city council calls for the city to protect, preserve and improve neighborhoods as a method of ensuring the city’s long-term health.  Her focus is to restore public safety personnel numbers to necessary levels, expand the city’s code enforcement program to prevent continued corrosion and blight, and develop better, more substantive partnerships with neighborhoods to answer their unique needs.

For more information, visit the official Heidi Samuel for Columbus Neighborhoods website, www.HeidiSamuel.com.

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