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Heidi Samuel Takes Message to Community Organizations

 Believing that Columbus neighborhoods deserve stronger representation on Council, Heidi has engaged community organizations in direct dialog.

Columbus, Ohio - As the past President of the Eastmoor Civic Association, Heidi Samuel understands the importance of engaging Columbus neighborhoods to address citywide issues. Samuel's campaign has been neighborhood-focused, dedicated to improving response and representation of Columbus neighborhoods at the city level.  Samuel has been actively meeting and speaking with community organizations across Columbus.

"It is important that the city complete the tedious task of individual neighborhood assessment.  Each neighborhood has unique needs and specific issues," said Samuel.  "An issue of significance of an eastside neighborhood might not register in the Northland area and vice versa, but both issues are critical to that neighborhood's quality of life.  In an aging and expanding city, it is absolutely vital that neighborhoods have their top issues effectively understood and addressed.  I have been meeting with these community organizations, to better understand their specific issues.

Samuel has met with a number of community-based organizations and has more scheduled.  This dialog has allowed Samuel to spread her message of protecting, preserving, and improving Columbus neighborhoods through effective leadership on Columbus City Council.  Samuel's message has been well-received, and community leaders have been appreciative of Samuel's approach and personal interest.

Samuel plans to continue meeting with community organizations throughout the campaign. "The strength of Columbus is the neighborhoods," continued Samuel.  "On council I plan to continue these dialogs and strengthen Columbus by pressing for better city outreach and response to individual neighborhoods."

"At the very least, we need to begin offering an annual 'how to do business with the city’ for neighborhoods, much like the annual business meeting the city provides each year for the city's developers and vendors."

Samuel will also advocate for better coordination between city departments.  Right now, neighborhoods are left to navigate the separate programming, priority order and bureaucracy of individual city departments to accomplish goals.

Samuel's run for city council calls for the city to protect, preserve and improve neighborhoods as a method of ensuring the city's long-term health.  Her focus is to restore public safety personnel numbers to necessary levels, expand the city's code enforcement program to prevent continued corrosion and blight, and develop better, more substantive partnerships with neighborhoods to answer their unique needs.

For more information, visit the official Heidi Samuel for Columbus Neighborhoods website, www.HeidiSamuel.com.


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