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Samuel determined to make city safer

Tuesday,  October 16, 2007 3:31 AM

The Oct. 3 Dispatch article "1-on-1 City Council race may be intense" did a wonderful job showing the differences between the two candidates running for this seat. The article highlights the fact that Republican Heidi Samuel is the only candidate that is an agent for change, and an agent for change is exactly what this city needs.

My father was a Columbus police officer who also served as the president of the Fraternal Order of Police and ran for city council. I find it amazing that there is still a shortage of police officers in Columbus. My father complained about the shortage almost 10 years ago. All the while, our city leaders, including the status-quo candidate in this race, tell us, "The city is adding police officers as quickly as its budget allows," as the excuse for not hiring more officers and code enforcers.

If the budget doesn't allow the city to make its neighborhoods safe, then the budget needs to be realigned and less money should be spent on landscaping and other on-the-surface improvements until the police ranks are at acceptable levels.

My family moved back to Columbus in April from Pataskala, where I lived for 32 of my 36 years (certainly evidence against urban flight). I now live less than a mile from where I was born, and I simply can't believe what has happened to my family since moving back to the city. In that short time, our garage has been burglarized once (stolen bicycle) and almost broken into twice.

Residents should feel safe in their homes. That is why I support Samuel's dedication to making Columbus one of the 10 safest cities in the country, and I will do my part to help. Our city leaders need to get the enforcement piece of the puzzle into place before more of us move back from the 'burbs.


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