Heidi Samuel for Columbus Neighborhoods
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Columbus City Council
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Tuesday,  October 23, 2007 10:25 AM

This is a letter in support of Heidi Samuel for Columbus City Council.

I will vote for Heidi because I have seen her function as President of The Eastmoor Civic Association.  (To my knowledge her opponent has never attended any Eastmoor function although she lives in that community also.) Heidi’s excellent leadership skills have helped put Eastmoor “on the map” by making our neighborhood issues known in the wider community and by involving our Association in City planning for the Eastside. She has organized the neighborhood to close undesirable businesses and to improve our storm drainage. Heidi will bring grass roots neighborhood experience motivated by informed passion and vision to City Council. I urge all voters seeking engaged, sensible and knowledgeable representation on City Council to vote for Heidi Samuel.

Herb Talabere,



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